Why a SQCB?

Upcoming regulations like the Swiss mineral oil taxation order and development of standards for sustainably produced biofuels like those of the Roundtable for Sustainable Biofuels (RSB) require often calculations of greenhouse gas emissions or even of environmental impacts on a life-cycle basis (LCA). On one hand this causes complex projects, which are for many small producers too costly and would prevent them to enter e.g. the Swiss market for biofuels. On the other hand, environmental impacts of many biofuels production chains have already been assessed, so that knowledge on results and critical factors already exists.

Goal of this project is to use this knowledge to develop a web-based tool which allows a rapid evaluation of biofuels on an LCA basis. This tool allows manipulating the relevant parameters of a biofuel production chain and comparing the resulting environmental impacts with the requirements of the Swiss mineral oil taxation order. The tool uses the knowledge which was accumulated in the Empa report on biofuels from Zah et al.. The “Sustainability Quick Check for Biofuels” (SQCB) tool should facilitate the entry of small producers from developing countries on the Swiss market and so contribute to a more sustainable production of biofuels.