What does it cover?

In this project we focus on the biofuels and feedstock which have been studied in the Empa report. Feedstocks or biofuels which are considered by the Swiss mineral oil tax ordinance as not being able to satisfy the minimal requirements (cereals) or those for which no sustainability reporting is required (waste, residues from agriculture) are not taken into account. In this first step wood is not considered, as its production chain is very different from the other feedstocks. Therefore the biofuels considered are the following (Table 1).

Table 1: Feedstocks and the related biofuels covered by the SQCB

Feedstock Biofuel Countries in ecoinvent
Potatoes Ethanol CH
Sugar beet Ethanol CH
Sugar Cane Ethanol BR
Sweet sorghum Ethanol CN
Rape seed Methylester CH, RER
Soy bean Methylester (CH), US, BR
Oil Palm Methylester MY

Not considered are methanol, which has a too small market, vegetable oil, which is used only for lorries, and cereals (rye, wheat), which are at this time heavily discussed because of ethical considerations.